Within a few years social media becomes an integral part of the world. Social media is best understood by the following characteristics like Community, Connectedness and conversations etc.

Connectedness: Social media provides us so many websites to stay connected.

Community: Social community is a group of likeminded individuals.

Conversations: When two or more people exchange their through a specific platform.

A good way to think about social media is that all of this is actually just about being human beings. Sharing ideas, cooperating and collaborating to create art.

There are so many forms of social media but few are discussed below:



A blog is originally a creation of WEB LOG. In One click you can easily share your thoughts, Opinions, News and anything else. perhaps the best known form of social media, blogs are online journals, with entries appearing with the most recent first.


A wiki is a mode of total websites these websites allow people to add content to or edit the information on them, acting as a communal document or database. The best-known wiki is Wikipedia4 , the online encyclopedia which has over 2 million English language articles.


Twitter is micro-blogging social networks to share views through short messages. This site is used by Business, celebrities and media.


Almost everyone’s  familiar with Face book, but in case you are not, it is the equivalent of a cocktail hour, where you may now & then associate with people you’ve never met, but mostly you hang out with your friends

Social media has made a remarkable progress day by day in current era. Social media will lead you to meet the real success. In an era of greater precision and authencity, social media is rapidly spreading in new generation. Another feature you can also say that social media is that they increase the ability of social movement. It has potential to provide opportunities to the citizen like bypass state, market controls, web traffic control, communication tools and many more. This is the true value of social media where we can easily evaluate the issues in era.


concept of people communicate in a global network. Icons of people with speech bubbles, clouds and Interface icons

Social networks on the web are like contained versions of the sprawling blog network. People joining a social network usually create a profile and then build a network by connecting to friends and contacts in the network, or by inviting real-world contacts and friends to join the social network. These communities retain the interest of their members

People use social networking for number of reasons .But the research says that staying in touch with the family member is the main factor across the world such as facebook, twitter, skype, viber has become widespread over the recent years. It serves an integral part of their social life. For the information social media applications allow individual users and organizational users to interact dynamically and share as well as produce content using these platforms.


There are many approaches to estimating media content either effective or bad impact.

Effective Effect of Social Media in Era:

  • Social Media helps to meet people they may not have met outside the social media forums but through social websites you can easily resolve this problem.
  • Social media applications allow also individual users and organizational users to interact dynamically and share as well as produce content using these platforms.
  • Social media also changes the life style of the society so this is the positive effect.
  • You can discuss your issues with the community to get help through money or advice.
  • It also helps in building communities and also improves the business trend.

In Effective Effect of Social Media on Society:

  • One of the negative effect of social media is that people waste lots of time in social networking.
  • It also diverge the mind which can affect the behavior of kids or teenagers.
  • Crimes case can be easily done on social media by sharing their privacy details.
  • Social media causes death sometimes, not just by using it but by following the stunts.
  • It can effect on health like disturb body metabolism or eye weakness also.

Could you imagine the world without social media? Not really

Our generation has grown up with technology. They can’t survive without social media .It is hard to say that social media is changing every aspect of the world. Even if you don’t work in marketing or media .Social media made things easier, better and faster. In past years Social media has changed the world in every field whether it is education or business .Social media turns the world instantly you can easily view the change in the whole world. I believed that specifically changed the change.


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