With all the talk about AI and automation, it’s a mystery as to why more businesses don’t put into action the ideals of automation in their business. You are missing out if you are leaving your processes to be manually done each time. You could be savings countless hours, energy, and money. So grow faster and increase your customer satisfaction by streamlining your business processes in the following ways:


From a top level view, an SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) is a playbook, a recipe, for any process in your business. From sales, to marketing, to technology, it gives every team member in your company an exact guide of how to do a certain process.

This is the first step on your automation journey. Ask yourself if anything is ever done more than once (which consists of most tasks in your business). If it is, it makes sense to automate it so your employees can spend more time serving customers and less time reinventing the wheel. Here are areas you can put an SOP into place:

Accounting Team and Software Combo

Your balance sheet is like your health checkup for your business. It determines where you need to go and how to get there. But you need a quality accountant, or team of them, to analyze the data in its raw form. And if you use quality resources, like Sage Intacct Project Accounting, then you’re going to get more out of your financial each year. Pair that with great software that includes automation and you’re well on your way to tax nirvana.


One of the best way to lower costs, especially in manufacturing, is to outsource to another factory. You don’t need to make everything in house. Sometimes, it makes more sense to let your partners overseas do the hard work while you focus on branding and positioning locally. Then, have a process set up whereby they ship you the finished product and you do the rest by putting it on the shelves and collecting the checks.

Personal Assistant

You probably do more in your business than you need to be doing right now. In fact, there are probably dozens of things that remain unfinished on your to-do list every day. The problem isn’t that you’re not productive, it’s that you’re not automating your workflow. Most of the daily mundane tasks you do each day should be automated and given to someone else to perform. This goes for shopping for office furniture to responding to unimportant emails. Get an assistant onboard and let them hit the ground running by having clearly defined processes in place.

Email “Touch Once” Policy

Email has a way of piling up if left unchecked. This is the fate of most businesses. However, if you create a process, or a policy, you can eliminate the inbox excess. Make a rule that each email is only to be touched twice. In essence, you can view it once. Then, you must create an action surrounding the email right away. This action can happen right away or later. You can even just end an automated response in the case of customer service. Speaking of which:

Canned Responses (Customer Service)

When it comes to automating the customer service processes in businesses, many object to losing that personal touch. However, on the contrary, it frees up your agents from dealing with the small fish to focusing on innovating better ways to serve customers. It also makes training less expensive.

One of the fastest ways to cut expenses and boost profits in your business is to start streamlining processes. Not only is it easier, more fun, and more time conscious, but it is better for your customers. You can serve more of them, more consistently, more often. Don’t miss out on the opportunities that automation gives you. Put processes in your business today that yield ROI now and well into the future.


by: Mark Palmer