Competition exists in every stage of life and this means that you have to excel in whatever you do to succeed in life. If you fail to keep up with the competition and become incompetent, you will end up losing all the great opportunities in high school and college. Also, tough competition means that the boss or professor will set higher bar of expectations from students so if you are incompetent, they would not appreciate your work at all.

Expert writers of UK essays claim that such competition is significantly high in educational institutes be it high school or college. This is because high school students are competing for the very few seats of some of the finest colleges in the world while college students are competing for job placements. However, only good students can stand out from others and succeed in life regardless of whether they are in high school or college.

Good student vs. highest achiever:

When we listen to the term ‘good student’, the first and possibly the only thing that comes to our mind are grades. This is because we have associated students too much with academics only without realizing how professionals in an organization want so much more from these students! Experts offering UK essay writing claim that it is imperative to understand the definition of good students in order to succeed.

Apart from just academics, a good student tends to excel in extracurricular activities, athletics, social work and professional experience before they step out of the stage of education. As students remain involved with so many activities, they learn through experience and are able to prove themselves as better than those who just focus on grades. Undoubtedly, employers usually prefer a good student over someone with no extra experience but a significantly great GPA.

How to be a good student and shine?

Now since you know how to define a good student, following are some ways that can help you become one:

  • Student-run society experience is no less than corporate experience:
    Almost every high school and college consists of multiple student-run societies related to music, sports, media, theatre, science, finance, marketing and much more. It is highly recommended that you become a part of at least one of these societies to gain exposure of event management and improve skills of team work.

    As you get promoted, you also get chances to lead which improves your leadership skills that are highly demanded by organizations.

  • Involvement in athletics without compromising much on academics:
    A good student manages time really well and colleges appreciate if students represent them in sports matches with other institutes. In order to become a good student, choose at least one sport and try to get into the team so you can play matches and represent your institute. This will not only make you shine but also help you improve your time management skills.
  • Attend classes regularly and take notes:
    Focusing on academics, the most important thing is to attend every lecture and take good notes while the professors speak. A good student will avoid missing lectures because it affects their performance and makes it imperative to spend more time studying than normal. Professors also recognize you by face if you attend every lecture which can lead to good recommendation letter for grad school.
  • Manage time rather than cutting down activities:
    A good student will never give up and cut down on activities but instead try to manage everything using efficient strategies. Time management is one of the most crucial skills that individuals must have in order to succeed at anything they do. You can manage time by avoiding procrastination, eliminating waste of time on social media, cutting down on extra hangout plans with friends and making a schedule for yourself to follow.

    The schedule you prepare must include all of your activities and do not forget to add time for breaks that you can use for hanging out and enjoying. Also, take the possibility of an unexpected event occurring into consideration to avoid inaccuracy in schedule.

  • Do not go beyond limits in competition:
    Intense competition in educational institutes is leading to hatred and grudges among students simply because they do not want to learn from failures. If you take failure in a positive way, you would never have that evil feeling and would consider it as an opportunity to learn. Be competent, but do not think of destroying someone else just so you can succeed. Good students are praised by the majority so avoid such acts and focus on your own efforts.

By following these tips, you will become a good student at your educational institute and this will help you excel in life later on.


by: Victoria Evans