ummertime calls for relaxing dips in the ocean, tearful weddings, and unfortunately, sweaty morning commutes. Choosing a mascara for the hottest months of the year means opting for a waterproof formula. Finding the perfect one, however, can be difficult. Not only does it have to lengthen, separate, and add volume to your lashes, it also has to hold up throughout a full day’s activities and be easy to remove at the end of the night.


As an Asian woman, I prefer waterproof mascaras because our lashes tend to be very straight, and angle downward. As time goes on, any curl will slowly weaken and the hair will droop, resulting in telltale smudges under the eye. In the past 12 days, I tried 11 different types. I looked carefully at the quality of the brushes and how well each formula was able to deliver on its promises, especially those that touted the look of fake lashes. For the brands that had indistinguishable effects on my eyes, packaging was the tie-breaker, because design matters.

Following one child’s birthday party, a long night at the office, several outdoor runs, and a wedding during one of the most hot and humid days of the year, some fared better than others. Which deserved a repeat, and which left me mourning the loss of a few lashes? Click ahead to find out.

source: nymag