Ireland is facing a massive flow of protests against the new water tax, with tens of thousands of people joining in rallies across the country on Saturday. Outraged protesters say they’ve had enough of EU austerity measures since the economic crisis.

Dozens of towns participated in the protests, with around 120,000 people coming from all over the country, state broadcaster RTE reported.

In Dublin, a crowd of 20,000 protesters carried signs as they marched through the city center, calling for a reversal to water charges. Some of the signs read: “Our water supply is not for sale” and “Water is a human right and not for profit.”

While many people chanted or displayed the common slogan “No Way – We Won’t Pay!,” some protesters constructed installations to remind the public that the new measures will hit every household in Ireland. One Kildare man installed a toilet on a trolley complete with signs reading “Don’t tax the jacks!” while a woman in Dublin dressed herself as a washing machine.

Demonstrators challenged the policies of Prime Minister Enda Kenny, and lashed out at Irish Water – the national authority. Some even carried a coffin with a skeleton and signs reading “Death to Irish Water.”.. see more

source: rt