How would you react if a homeless person handed you some spare change? Walk on by, abuse them for being so presumptuous, or tell them to keep it because they probably need it more than you?

One man decided to try to answer this question on the streets of LA – and the results were surprising…

In the five-minute video entitled ‘What if the homeless gave you money?’, YouTuber Yousef Saleh Erakat poses as a homeless man. Holding up a piece of cardboard reading “No one has ever become poor from giving”, he tries to offer some cash to passersby as he sits on the street.

Yousef gets various responses from the strangers but they appear to be mainly negative. During one particularly shocking exchange, a man throws the money back in his face before yelling, “I don’t need your f**king money, you a**hole. I could f**king buy you.”.. see more

source: Independent UK