MUMBAI: In a new twist to Preity Zinta-Ness Wadia episode, the Wadia group has filed a police complaint claiming they received threatening calls and a text message from an underworld don warning that their “business will be in trouble” if the actress was harassed.

A secretary to industrialist Nusli Wadia received calls on his cell phone from a person, who claimed to be fugitive gangster Ravi Pujari, on Monday and filed a complaint with NM Joshi Marg police station yesterday, deputy commissioner of police Mahesh Patil said.

“Don’t run around Preity Zinta. Give my message to Wadia. Otherwise his business will be in trouble,” said a text message quoted by Patil which was allegedly received by Nusli Wadia’s aide from the gangster, said to be living abroad.

The secretary’s name has been withheld by the police. Patil did not clarify if the phone belonged to the secretary or one of the members of Wadia family.

The complaint has now been transferred to the anti-extortion cell of the crime branch to ascertain the veracity of the caller’s claim of being Ravi Pujari and from where it was made… see more

source: times of india