A useful internet tool for the upcoming September elections is set to go live this coming Monday 13 August. VoteMatch (StemWijzer) is touted by creators ProDemo to be the most used Internet application during election time, with over four million users.
The system consists of 30 statements that can be answered with “agree,” “disagree” or “neither” by leaders of Dutch political parties. These statements relate to the main election themes, such as the financial crisis, Europe, health care, employment and security.
During the application’s launch party politicians including Klijnsma Jetta, Sybrand Buma, Ronald van Raak, Alexander Pechtold, Arie Slob, Kees van der Staaij, Marianne Thieme and Hero Brinkman will fill in the questionnaire.
Users then get to see which party he or she has the most in common with in terms of stances on the important election topics. In this way, the system is quite similar to the Vote Compass being promoted in developing economies by Radio Netherlands Worldwide.
The VoteMatch app will be free to download from 13 August via the Google Store. There is also a Facebook app, which can be accessed via www.facebook.com/stemwijzer.




ref: http://www.thehollandtimes.nl