The unidentified woman turns a simple maneuver into a 300-point turn, nearly clipping a van and getting ..

Parking can be problematic at the best of times.

But this dopey driver has become an online sensation after she spent more than four minutes trying to LEAVE a space.

The unnamed motorist somehow turned what should have been a simple three-point turn into a lengthy ordeal.

And, unluckily for her, the extended attempt at exiting the lot was caught on surveillance cameras.

The video begins with the woman, wearing a dark top and trousers, getting into her car.

She then proceeds to reverse and go forward several times, almost clipping a van, before ending up jammed between two cars.

Performing what feels like a 200-point turn, she eventually shuffles her vehicle out of the lot and drives away.

It’s not clear where the incident occurred.

But footage was uploaded online on Friday and has, unsurprisingly, gone viral — with more than 1.8 million views.

source: nydailynews