Life comes in many kinds of surprises twist and turns.

Obstacles is everywhere. Temptation is always on our way, Eyes of Judgmental people follow us everywhere, high  tide and low tide come and go. Stormy day and El nino also la nina come once in a year or two.

Changing seasons everywhere we go. But despite through all that we are still here fighting standing on our feet stronger and more wiser in every blows. We are living of life with no returns. A Journey with no u turn. A life of struggling with obstacles and fears. War from nations to nation. Killings here and there bombings everywhere. Starving, disasters all over sickness failures and defeats are always present .Wherever you are whatever you do you cannot hide the fact that this World is full of surprises.

But through all this we never let go. We keep going instead we never stop never surrender. We keep going forward. Because we have hope faith and we believed deep down in our heart that somewhere out there’s there is  a light a chance for a new life a beautiful chance of a lifetime.

We only live once so while you are here despite with everything make your life the best of it. Live it without whining, bitter or regrets. Fill it with sweet memories and happiness. I know it’s not easy to do it but with Love and determination to survive YOU can do it. Be brave be a fearless traveler we can do it we can surpass everything with all our might and with God’s unconditional love, mercy and guidance we will survived. And after surpassing it with confidence with success we can considered ourselves VICTORIOUS!!!Remember Our Future depends on what we do in the Present so hang on there and Keep Moving Forward. You’re almost there.!!



By: Nelia Vista
Nelia Vista is an inspirational article and quote writer