The basic use of smartphone is dependent on users. A smartphone is small computer in palm. A mobile device is powerful as computers and more valuable. Some common tools which people use with smartphone is:

· Calls & Texts- communications
· E-mails, Sending & receiving
· Accessing Internet- shopping, news
· Productivity in Business- spreadsheets, PDF, documents
· Calendar app- appointments and schedules
· Camera- is used to produce videos and capture images
· Music- Listen/play on the go
· Games- Download or play online
· Books- iBooks and Kindle are huge with users of smartphone
· Social media- a ‘gorilla’ of app usage on social media

What explores a smartphone is matter of who you select for utilizing all things which it can do. For having one of best smartphone in market such as ‘Apple iPhone-6’ and it’s used like a paperweight but it doesn’t make it smart. In our post, we can get suggestions, tips, and reviews on how to search right mobile for you. Playing game is important and popular activity. For US people, taking photographs and sending messages with social media all comes –under games.

Everyone wants to mention the front-end ‘use of smartphone’, however it will provide us full time job when you’re a back-end developer of hardware or software. A back-end developer earns good amount as compare to a player of game on smartphone. This is very profitable field in smartphone development. A questions arises, are you thinking that smartphone will be better and hardware on yearly basis. Actually, gaming is a main reason. Same rule is for computer. A businessman who uses office or e-mail apps then non-gaming mobile app will be satisfied with ‘smartphone’ developed in 2012.

Game used multiple resources like ROM, RAM, GPU, and CPU etc. To use this game, you need all types of resources. It is fun as well. We’ll suggest you not join addicts group. In Pakistan young generation simply wants to buy smartphone as they can afford it. Some don’t know how to use it? Some can use. It’s not only for games. They can use it for sports, movies, clicking on complex graphics. It depends on wants, needs or desires of buyer. They can gain knowledge about anything. Using all money transactions, sharing phones and it is like minicomputer. Here, they can run life in smooth way. They can use better facilities, technology etc. The main uses we’ve mentioned here

Some uses are

1– Better connectivity – Under this sections, there’re many options for connectivity. Here, you can connect easily with users and with social media networking websites. WhatsApp, Skype, Viber etc.
2- For entertainment- It’ll entertain us. You may listen music, play games etc.
3- Reach your destinations-GPS tracker will help to visit new places
4- Storage, Wifi, battery life etc.
5- Communication- It provides you best features to communicate with others.
6- Usability through camera- It’s that smartphone is smart as they can perform different tasks. Nowadays people are fed up of using camera every time. These mobiles have solved this problem. You don’t need to use camera all the time.

In era of ‘Smartphones’, Generation “Z” have used fully this technology and now can select it to communicate digitally. For youngsters, this device is became an extension of life. You can depend on it for daily tasks. Youngsters and new comers spend most of time online while reading, shopping and interacting with friends on social media.

Mobile Users in Pakistan (Percentage is of Smartphone Users in Pakistan)

· 35% of users in Pakistan carry a ‘low cost’ mobile phone – safety reasons.
· 68% of users in Pakistan use Android phones.
· 77 % of users are younger people between age of 21 to 30 years old
· 60% of the Pakistani’s use more than one mobile.
· Recently 4G is introduced in Pakistan- market of smartphone is rapidly expanding
· As per latest survey, it’s concluded that smartphone market helps us to make our mind.
· 21% users depend on Q-Mobile devices.
· 16% smartphone users buy paid apps and remaining 84% with free apps.


·Addiction– As you know there’re some interesting games and websites that can become cause of addiction. Some people check phone on morning. They are one of them.
· Privacy issue– If it is stolen then it is not private. It’s important to lock and deactivate it. You can report to service provider as it is not secured. They can do online transactions. If you will not handle it carefully someone will steal it.
· Distraction- you may distracted by smartphone. You should be careful from accident if you’re driving a car you should focus on it. No need to take your life in risk. It can be reduced by minimizing the use of smartphone.
Health Issue- Some phones emits ‘radio-frequency energy; and it is absorbed by some tissues. So resolve this issue be in limit for using this phone.

by: Lubna Manzoor

Writer is Freelance blogger and content creator about Technology and Fashion.

note: is not responsible for facts and figures of article, as its writer herself estimated figures and facts.