US and European activists will try to cross into the occupied West Bank through Jordan as to deliver supplies to Palestinian students, arguing that Israel cannot call itself a ‘democratic country’
US and European activists arrived in Jordan on Friday to try to cross into the occupied West Bank and deliver supplies to Palestinian students, insisting Israel has no reason to block them.

“We are a group of peaceful people and we are quite sure we will pass this time. We are supporting Palestinian rights and if Israel says no to us, it cannot call itself a democratic country,” said Olivia Zemor, a spokeswoman for around 100 US, British, French and Spanish activists.

They tried to go to Israel in July 2011 and April 2012, but the authorities at Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion airport denied them entry.

On Sunday, the group plans to try to go through the Israeli-controlled Allenby Bridge crossing between Jordan and the West Bank.

“The Israelis will have no reason to block us. In previous times, they said we were a security threat to Tel Aviv. We accepted what they said when they told us to go through Allenby or Rafah crossings,” Zemor told AFP.

She said around 20 activists are already in Amman, while the rest are due to arrive in Jordan later on Friday and Saturday.

The campaigners say their “Welcome to Palestine” mission comes after an invitation by Bethlehem governor Abdel-Fatah Hamayel to bring school stationery for Palestinian children.

“It is the West Bank and it would be embarrassing for the Israelis to block us,” added Zemor, who heads CAPJPO-Europalestine, a French NGO seeking to help end the occupation of the Palestinian territories.