The perpetually locked phone, while secure, slightly annoys. Am I right?

Now you can get a wearable “tattoo” that syncs with a Moto X phone, and allows you to unlock your phone with a quick tap.

The nickel-sized stickers comes from Vivalink, part of Motorola’s ATAP lab, which was fully absorbed into Google. Apply one to your arm or skull or thigh — whatever works — and then sync it to your Moto X’s NFC unlock. When it comes time to use your phone, tap the sticker and the phone unlocks muy pronto. It’s one tap versus four. Imagine how much time you’ll save.

The Digital Tattoo will withstand approximately five days of life, including showers, exercise, sleep, and binge watching Game of Thrones. Then it dies. But don’t be alarmed. You buy 10 at a time for about $10.

source: mashable