Amit Singhal has left his job at Uber as its SVP of engineering, because he did not disclose to the car-hailing company that he left Google a year earlier after top executives there informed him of an allegation of sexual harassment from an employee that an internal investigation had found “credible.”

Singhal was asked to resign by Uber CEO Travis Kalanick this morning.

Uber execs found out about the situation after Recode informed them of the chain of events between Singhal and the search giant this week.

Sources at Uber said that the company did extensive background checks of Singhal and that it did not uncover any hint of the circumstances of his departure from Google. Singhal disputed the allegation to Google execs at the time.

This revelation comes at a dicey time for Uber, as it has been under scrutiny of late, due to an explosive blog post by a former female engineer who alleged numerous incidents of sexism, sexual harassment and also painted a picture of a very dysfunctional HR department and management structure…. see more

source: redcode