IN JUST three decades’ time the human race could survive on drinking water produced by gigantic bio-engineered jellyfish “factories”.

Food could be produced by robotic “auto-farms” housed in disused car garages, and people might live in bio-engineered 3D printer cities which have to be repeatedly “grown” and rebuilt after adverse weather conditions due to climate change.

The post-apocalyptic vision of the future was unveiled at the World Government Summit in Dubai this week, which has seen leaders and speakers from 139 countries gather in the United Arab Emirates.

Using research and cutting edge technology, the region predicts that by 2050 cities will have been destroyed, and the human race will have teetered on the brink of extinction.

In a bid to combat the threat to humanity, Dubai is already researching and working on plans for “bio-desalination plants” which combine the genes of a jellyfish and mangrove roots, one of the best plant desalinators on the planet…. see more