The UAE and Pakistan finally signed the long-awaited treaty on the transfer of prisoners.

According to a joint statement, the two countries signed the Exchange of Instrument of Ratification document on the bilateral agreement on “Transfer of Sentenced Prisoners”.
At a ceremony held at the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Sunday,  Arshad Jan Pathan, Pakistan’s Charge d’ Affaires, and Khamis Rashid Al Shumaili, Director, Office of the Assistant Foreign Minister for Legal Affairs, signed the agreement.

The agreement will be effective from July 30. The initial agreement between Pakistan and the UAE was signed on February 26 last year in Abu Dhabi.

Under the articles of the agreement, transfer of prisoners would be possible only if at least six months of the sentence are remaining. Furthermore, persons convicted in heinous crimes such as crime against the state, murder and financial embezzlement shall not be liable to transfer.

The Pakistan Embassy in a statement said the agreement would help solve social and emotional problems of Pakistani inmates as they would be sent back home preferably closer to their hometowns where they would be able to see their loved ones frequently and will have a chance to plan for reintegration into the society.

source:  Khaleej times