According to the experts who keep a close tab on the Global Employment Indexes recently stated that UAE’s employment market is experiencing a surge in job generation by a whopping 25%. This surged figure clearly shows steepest growth rate of the Arab federation; leaving behind some of economically strong and monitored countries around the world.

The news has sent across a wave of happiness for expat as well as emiratis who are eyeing upon Dubai for a high-paying employment opportunity. As per the report by the experts, there are few industries and occupations that are going to shower job seekers and aspirants, a lot of career-enhancing options and better salary slabs.

Here’s a detailed view on the booming job market of UAE and its impact on the lives of the job seekers from different parts of the world.

Growth Figures: A Year-Over-Year Analysis

The latest Employment Index says that the BFSI (Banking, Financial Services and Insurance) sector witnessed a good 17% y-o-y growth and is currently being placed as the top-growth sector. Following the booming Banking Industry, it’s the Hospitality sector that is playing a pivotal role in the economic growth and diversification in many parts of the Gulf region, dominantly including the UAE. The sector has exhibited significant growth in the UAE industrial analysis.

Further adding to this, a report from Bloomberg says that Lending & Investment banking in the UAE is on the growth path as Dubai’s real estate tourism and trade industries recuperate from a slump during the credit crisis. Therefore, it can be said that real estate and tourism is also going to be on a roll when it comes to job generation.

Let us have a narrower and clearer view of the top industries and ‘HOT’ job opportunities:

Industry Analysis

On the basis of figures fetched from the Employment Index report and the report being published on Bloomberg news, the sectors that will show amazing growth rates are:

  • BFSI
  • Healthcare
  • Engineering, Construction and Real Estate

Apart from these sectors, engineering and Travel & Trade are some of the sectors that will be booming at a fast pace and will be a source of high-paying employment opportunities.


Occupation & Job Opportunity: A Brief Analysis

As per the Employment Index, there are certain occupations listed that will be there for both experienced and fresh graduates with a salary slab ‘to kill for’. The listed top occupation has been chosen precisely from a survey that takes input from the entire Middle East and every single industrial sector has been stringently looked upon.

  • Purchase / Logistics / Supply Chain
  • Engineering and Production
  • Health Care
  • Hospitality personnel

These listed occupations are trending in employment market and any professional, whether experienced or fresher who is looking out for a better career in UAE can put an eye on these job roles at the moment.

What is in Store for the Common Man?

Employment Index or the growth numbers is something that a common job seeker remains oblivious to. Non-familiarity with such hard punched numbers can even from clouds of confusion as to what industry to look out for and what not. A common man understands clear information through which he makes a choice of his life. Here’s a snapshot framed on the basis of the hard numbers, especially for the job seekers:

  • The World Expo Bid won by Dubai is going to open doors for a plethora of job opportunities to enter UAE’s job market. Therefore, job seekers with any or no experience can expect better job prospects.
  • Banking sector is on a growth path; therefore, job seekers with financial background or Banking experience can see UAE as a favorable place.
  • By Purchase/logistics/Supply Chain, it is meant that sectors that include movement and supply are apt for individuals interested. Some of the sectors are Oil & Gas, Manufacturing and Supply, to name a few.


UAE is one of the flourishing economies in the Arab federation and therefore, grabbing a high-paying job out there can be a rich experience at the moment. The country has come out of the slump that it experienced in the year 2012-13.


AUTHOR BIO: VineetaTiwari is a professional writer and blogger who keenly follows global economy and employment market. She has written a range of informative articles on job markets and leadership roles that defines the structure and functioning of an organization in any part of the world.