Twitter is investigating reports its service has been blocked in Turkey.

It comes just hours after Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan threatened to “wipe out” the social networking site.

The threat was in response to users posting voice recordings and documents purporting to show corruption among his inner circle, charges Mr Erdogan denies.

“Twitter, mwitter!,” he told a rally of thousands of supporters, a phrase which roughly translates as “Twitter, schmitter!”

“We will wipe out all of these. The international community can say this, can say that. I don’t care at all. Everyone will see how powerful the Republic of Turkey is.”

Some users trying to visit were redirected to a statement apparently from Turkey’s telecommunications regulator, which cited four court orders as the basis for blocking the site.

There has been no official confirmation from the government.

Twitter has yet to issue a formal statement, but the company did publish a tweet addressed to users in Turkey telling them how to continue tweeting via text message.

After his speech, Mr Erdogan’s office said in a statement he was referring to what it called Twitter’s failure to implement the court orders seeking the removal of some links.

“If Twitter officials insist on not implementing court orders and rules of law … there will be no other option but to prevent access to Twitter to help satisfy our citizens’ grievances.”… see more

source: skynews