Donald Trump has refused to say that he will accept the result of the United States presidential election.

When pressed by the moderator of the third and final debate to confirm that he will accept the outcome of the vote, he said: “I will look at it at the time.

“I will keep you in suspense.”

Hillary Clinton described his comment as “horrifying” and that it was extraordinary that the nominee of a major party would say such a thing.

Hillary Clinton then said that she agreed with the assessment of her campaign chairman that Mr Trump was the most “dangerous person” to run for the American presidency in modern history.

Before those dramatic moments, the Las Vegas debate had been ill-tempered but comparatively substantive, with the candidates disagreeing and actually debating over issues like Russia, abortion, immigration and foreign policy.

In the most drawn out confrontation of the evening, Mrs Clinton challenged her rival to admit to and condemn Russia’s suspected involvement in hacking emails and trying to interfere with the US elections… see more

source: skynews