After unveiling the i-Road at the Geneva Motor Show in 2013, Toyota Motor Corp. has announced that it will begin consumer trials of its new three-wheeled prototype in the Tokyo area. Described as a personal mobility vehicle, the i-Road can seat up to two people in tandem and hopes to be an alternative for avoiding city traffic.

With its 2,345 millimeters length and 970 millimeters width, the i-Roadhas the convenience of a motorcycle in combination with the stability, comfort and protection of a car. The three-wheeled vehicle – two front and one rear – will be tested beginning March 24 until June. The limited run hopes to measure the value of the ultra-compact vehicle in daily traffic situations in the city and other urban areas. While the model to be used in the consumer tests is different from the one exhibited in Geneva, it will be based from the concept vehicle unveiled at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show. The i-Road will be available in five different colors, and claims to offer better visibility, maneuverability and ease of use.

The test will be participated by industry and trend experts to the regular public. 10 vehicles will be provided to the 20 test participants, who will give their feedback on efficiency, driving feel, user satisfaction, ease of use in urban areas and impact on the location. The i-Road has already been tested on public roads in Aichi Prefecture’s city of Toyota since March.

source: japandailypress