The 2014 Toyota Highlander gets a complete SpongeBob Squarepants makeover with this one-off concept car. With an exterior filled with the familiar Nickelodeon cartoon star and an interior that feels ripped right out of Bikini Bottom, this special edition Highlander will tour the United States this summer for all the SpongeBob fans to check out.

Toyota has given its 2014 Highlander a Bikini Bottom makeover!

The automaker unveiled its one-off concept SUV, themed after one of Nickelodeon’s biggest stars, at the Padres vs. Giants baseball game in San Diego.

Toyota and Nickelodeon teamed up to create this unique vehicle, themed from inside to outside around the famous cartoon character SpongeBob SquarePants. The eye-catching result of this partnership will be on the road throughout the whole summer in the US.

SpongeBob fans of all ages will be able to admire this unique Highlander in Baltimore (July 19-21) and Oakland (September 27-29). The car will also be exhibited at the next LA Auto Show from November 30 to December 9, 2013.

This special SpongeBob edition had been announced by the Japanese carmaker earlier this year at the New York Auto Show during the presentation for the new SUV.

More information on the 2014 SpongeBob Toyota Highlander is available on Nickelodeon’s website.