Technological advancements have enabled smart businesspeople to utilize various viable technologies in optimizing output and dramatically multiplying their profits. But with the hundreds of technological trends and tools out there, it can be quite overwhelming for most beginners to know where and how to start integrating the trending tools with their systems. There are several options of using the trending tech in improving your business.

Wearable tech

Wearable tech products such as the Apple Watch have been highly embraced by several people across the globe. You can choose to use this tech idea in your business by manufacturing wearable products and join the competition.


Human exclusive tasks have been automated in most business’ operations. Although automation can result to people losing jobs, the aspect of automating the operations of a business have greatly improved productivity. For example, you introduce software programs such as FTO to enhance your employee training programs or cut down on transportation/overhead expenses that come with coordinating and training your field officers. Marketers can benefit greatly from automation processes in any business. In fact, when automation is combined with machine learning, your business’s overall productivity will be boosted intensely.

 Machine Learning

Machine learning has enhanced Google’s core search engine algorithm even if it has only been witnessed in a few applications. The machine learning technology can be used effectively in helping users of an analytics app. It can also help your business in improving the purchase history updates of your products. Machine learning has also brought a lot of efficiency in the leadership assessment and evaluations of various organizations because it’s less time-consuming.

Social media

Social media is a powerful marketing tool that has been used by most businesses in reaching out to a wider virtual market of potential customers. Additionally, you can also decide to use major social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter in creating a dependable customer support service where your small business’s customers can contact you to ask questions or make inquiries. This is a trending tech that has attracted millions of users from all over the world, and if utilized appropriately, can help you get leverage over your competitors. However, you ought to stay updated about the latest trends and technologies in order to effectively apply the social media tech idea.

Google analytics

If you want to analyze website or blog’s traffic, you can use Google analytics. Getting a clear picture of the source of your traffic and the type of visitors who go through your site or those who make conversions and those who don’t is very vital. It will help you greatly in determining what Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques or marketing techniques that are working, and what needs to be pulled down. You can end up saving a lot of bucks for your small business by pulling out advertisement campaigns that are not working from your marketing efforts.

Digital marketing

Most businesses have decided to invest in digital or online marketing strategies so as to reach out to a larger consumer base. Moreover, the cost of launching an online marketing campaign is way far low as compared to the conventional advertising methods of using huge billboards, printing banners, and hosting marketing events. It’s also reliable and faster to embrace the aspect of marketing your products and services on the internet because you can communicate with your existing or potential customers within seconds. Embrace the online video production method that has greatly boosted other businesses’ marketing strategies.


You can also sell your business’s products and services by using a blog. The idea is to identify your target market and generate content that is relevant to their interests. You can either decide to link the content of your blog posts to your business’s website or even blog about your products, especially if they popular commodities such cameras or mobile phones.


by: Mark Palmer