Today, we can say that everyone is in fashion.

Fashion trend changes as per season. The competition in this industry is from start and will last until the world ends. But if it comes to women’s fashion then you can see tough completion. In this post, we’ll discuss some summer fashion in Pakistan-year 2019. It is also used in spring season. If you’ll wear a dress or something in fashion it will become the norm. You’ve seen lot of ‘fashionistas’ who starts with news updates of fashion. People as per latest fashion trends can measure the old ones which are considered ‘outdated’.

Today, generation of fashion or style reflects personality of a brand to great extent. One thing you’ve to remember who we’re? Fashion can’t be bound with age. You should know about trends and fashion which you must see in summer.


Fabrics are used as per season. You can see different designs in predominant colors. This kind of fabric or material is used may be in winter. The best choice of fabric is determined how good you’re feeling. It means comfort is an important thing. Let’s consider summer season fabric such as lawn, cotton, and silk, chiffon are used as basic ingredient with great impression and print design of apparel with unique patterns.
Trend with design

Many readers or users often check about design and asks questions what is in their mind. The trend setters are deciding to welcome back short or medium length shirt or ‘kurta’, long shirt is worn with trousers are now out, cigarettes and boot cut pants are used with medium or short shirt- solely in this season. Now you should imagine how good this combination is? Designers have introduced this design which is ‘IN’ will give elegant and trendy look. Wide-legged pants are in. Metallic color is in.
Prints and Colors

Once dress code is design, a question arises here that everyone can get is the “Color-n-Print” in dresses. There’re many prints which are available in market however you have to choose ‘big & bold’ prints. Digital prints start with success now as well. It shows like bright prints and refreshing colors like pastel blue, navy blue, cream, pint, red, beige are selected by Top Brands. Good saris are also in.

1- Denim Shirt and jeans- This is a main trend which is followed by some years ago, and became a ‘classic’ option. Now some designers have imagined again about using it with different pieces such as jeans, shirt dress or shirts.

2Frill and Tassels- In this summer season people are experiencing things that suits to their personality like subtle tassels on a shirt etc. Power suits are also in & menswear with a twist!

3- Trucker Jackets- If you’re looking for fashion statement or finding something for your dress –trucker jacket is right choice or as compulsory in this year. Use it with jeans.

4- Accessorize-This will complete your look, it can be anything. Like rings, bracelets, earrings, bucket bags, sun glasses etc.

5- Shoes- You’ve to choose it carefully. First thing it should be comfortable and fitted as per needs. You can match with your wardrobe as well. Nowadays they’re in like ‘strappy pearl’ or ‘stain-bow sliders are important in this season.

by: Lubna Manzoor
Author is Freelance writer, Content Creator for different blogs about Fashion, Technology, Youth etc.