Technology tools can help small business owners save time and money. These latest tools can help you save money as you run your business more efficiently. There are plenty of options for technology tools and the following list of online platforms allow you to grow your business. Here are the six most common business technology tools that small business owners need.

Task Management Tools

Task management tools are an affordable and easy way for small business owners to keep track of their tasks digitally. It allows them to save time and money to keep track of their own work as well as the work of their employees. Examples of task management tools are Asana and Trello, both of which allow small business owners to stay on top of their calendars, projects, and to-do lists.

These online tools allow you to set automatic reminders, notifications, and updates so you don’t have to do everything manually. These collaborative tools allow your entire team to know what’s going on. They know which projects are completed and who’s been assigned to a particular task.

E-Mail and Social Marketing

Many mundane tasks have been automated so small business owners can focus on more important tasks. E-mail marketing systems like Aweber and MailChimp keeps your subscribers informed on the updates of your business as well as any promotions. An e-mail marketing system can automatically send out e-mail newsletters to your entire list and your social networks so you don’t have to do it yourself.

Social Media Scheduling Tools

Small business owners already know the importance of social media to attract new clients and customers. Being on social media too much can become a waste of time. You may find yourself going down the rabbit hole after checking your social media app for just a few minutes.

There are several social media scheduling tools that let you schedule posts on certain dates and times. This makes it easy to avoid social media altogether, eliminating that distraction from your life. You can write your social media posts months in advance, and allow these scheduling tools to post them at the right moment. This allows you to grow your business without wasting time on social media.

Voice Communication

Old-fashioned telephone equipment is being replaced with small business telephone systems. While most computers have small business communications included, it’s more effective to have an updated telephone system to meet all of your small business needs. Voice communication increases the productivity of employees, enables more personal communication with customers and ensures that important calls are answered first. Some of the best VoIP services over-exceed the speed at which their queries are handled with, increasing the customer experience and repeat business.

Obtaining Electronic Signatures

When it comes to agreements and contracts, you need to obtain your client’s signature. Electronic services like DocuSign and HelloSign allow you to get electronic signatures safely and securely. Just upload the document, mark the signatures are required, add the person’s e-mail address, and the system will send the document for you. These services also remind the person if the document hasn’t been signed by a certain date. There’s no need to chase for signatures or wait for the document to arrive in the mail.

Document Collaboration

When you have to work with others, document sharing systems like Dropbox and Google Drive are important. Both of these digital tools allow everyone to work from the same document. It also eliminates the need to look through your inbox for a certain document.

These online tools allow you to collaborate with each other at your own pace and time. You can even add more people to your team and see what other people have done. Share these documents internally within your team or use these tools with your clients and vendors to ensure that you’re meeting their needs.

There are so many technology tools out there. Each of these online platforms will allow your business to grow. Once you determine your businesses’ needs, you can make the right decision for your business. These tools can also keep the overhead costs down, giving you the time and money you need to grow.

by: Walter Bodell