If you wish more people interacted with you on Facebook, you need to think about the quality of your videos and how you present yourself. Facebook videos can be a perfect way to increase your engagement on social media. But this is only possible if you adopt the right strategies to improve your videos. Here are some of those strategies.

Remember First Impressions Matter

Ensure you make a positive impression in the first two or three seconds of your introduction. Many online users see lots of posts in their Facebook news feeds. They use their first few seconds to quickly decide whether a post is worth their attention. Ensure your ad is their preference.

You also need to trigger the interest of your followers and friends with a thumbnail. Whenever creating a video ad, remember several Facebook users have the autoplay option on their mobile devices deactivated to save data. So they can’t watch your videos unless they click on the ad to make it play.

Facebook allows you to pick a single image from the ones in your video and use it as your thumbnail. If you find none of them engaging enough, consider uploading your own image. Once you have uploaded the image or selected a video in your ad, click on the “Custom Thumbnail” area. Although Facebook has removed the 20 percent text limit for video ads, it’s still important to limit the number of your words. This ensures your videos get a higher priority for delivery.

Think About Search Engines

As already indicated, your first goal should be to identify and serve the needs of your audience. However, that doesn’t allow you to ignore search engines. Without giving search engines the right attention, you may not be able to reach many of your customers. Provide relevancy to the subject matter as you consider quality and build interest.

You are able to do this by doing your homework to identify and fill a “gap” that exists in the market. Or, just answer common questions that you have expert knowledge in. If you don’t have such knowledge in the subject you want to address, ask your friends or even video captioning companies for help.

Be an Educator

Use education-based marketing strategies. To do this, plan, script, and provide valuable information to your audience. Bear in mind that it’s not a video about your professionalism, your successes, your failures, your experience, or anything about you. It’s all about providing solving your audience’s problems. If you do your job perfectly as an educator, all those qualifications will be evident.

Be Relevant

You can use your videos to control all the factors around relevancy. Search engines were built on the premise of offering relevant information. They analyze website contents to determine the right value pages to be displayed for specific queries at particular times. The best way to be able to build out relevant content and copy is to ensure you understand your market, your audience, and their concerns and work with all those pieces of information.

Include Calls-to-Action

Don’t forget to include calls-to-action. Many people will just watch your video and then walk away if you don’t ask them to take the next action. Once the video is finished, allow your followers to click on the screen to learn more, shop, or do whatever can give them more benefit. If you want your audience to visit your website, include a link to your site in the ad and specifically tell them to visit it and also what valuable things they can expect to get on the site. Through this, you are able to drive a large number of your followers to your website.

Regardless of your objectives, ensure your video ads are both simple and concise. Simple, short videos are more likely to be watched. Furthermore, they are effective at triggering the curiosity of viewers.


by: Dennis Hung