When running your own business, it is essential that you choose systems and processes that help you improve your workflow and cut process times as much as possible.

In today’s day and age, even the few minutes that it takes while switching between tasks can cost an ample amount of money. That is why, more and more businesses are currently looking to adopt helpful solutions that would help their employees do their work more efficiently.

As such, here are the Top 3 business systems that could help you improve your workflow.

1. OnSIP

Ever since its release, OnSIP has carved its own niche in the business world as one of the fastest, most reliable phone systems.

But unlike its conventional, and what some may term as “run of the mill” counterparts, OnSIP has stood apart in the crowd by having its phone systems based completely on cloud services.

This provides the phone system with a highly efficient, fast action, and problem-free model, which are just a few of the many reasons why the web seems scattered with OnSIP reviews that sing praises for this VoIP phone system.

Despite being easy to install and effective to use, OnSIP remains quite affordable as compared to its competitors. This is another factor which makes the service a great pick.

This ability to provide reliable, credible, and affordable services lets OnSIP improve your workflow. Instead of you having to go through extended times of connecting calls or fretting about managing their costs, you can simply enjoy the improved workflow in peace.

2. Slack

If you operate any kind of business, then chances are that you may have heard of Slack. After all, it is considered a revolutionary business system that has taken over many industries as their primary workforce communication tool.

And now it’s having its eyes set upon the $3.5 trillion healthcare industry. With that, the app is also all set to cash in on its success through an initial public offering (IPO) soon.

Despite what is believed by many businesses, Slack isn’t just limited to streamlining the operations of businesses that have a scattered or remote workforce. Instead, the app has many capabilities that could prove to be of use to businesses of all scales and sizes.

With these functionalities of internal communication at your disposal, Slack lets your employees become more efficient especially when it comes to collaborative tasks. This makes it one of those business systems that are bound to improve your workflow if your business is in need of such a solution.

3. Square

If you haven’t given Square a chance yet, then this would be the time to do so.

As a brainchild of Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, Square has established a name for itself as one of the most popular payment processors for businesses of all scales. With that being said, it is most effective for small businesses, which is the segment that considers it as a highly sought after solution.

The reasons behind this distinction include but are not limited to its swift payment processing capabilities, exceptional infrastructure, and affordable services. All of these benefits make Square a business system that takes the worries of payment processing off of your shoulders, and lets you focus on the most important tasks to improve your workflow.

With that, Square also sports additional capabilities such as Square Payroll, which allows small businesses to use the point of sale system as an employee management tool to clock and record their hours. This is quite effective in managing additional costs.

Even the Most Minute of Changes Can Help, Choose Wisely

As mentioned above, when it comes to choosing business systems, even the smallest change can bring about significant efficiency in return. That is why, instead of just focusing on one aspect, it is important to improve your workflow through a number of business systems in several departments of your business.

by: Dennis Hung