The Michelin Guide once again named Tokyo as the world’s gourmet capital on Wednesday, the sixth consecutive year for the Japanese city. And that’s even with a small drop in the number of three-star rated restaurants in the expansive metropolis. But Tokyo was still praised by the guide-book, seen by many as the definite guide to fine-dining, for having the most three-star eateries of any other city, dropping from 16 to 14.

Michelin Ellis, the director for the series of guide books, says that Japan’s gourmet cooking is better than ever, getting more creative, inspired, and inventive every year. He added that the quality and skills of the chefs found in Japan’s Kanto region (meaning around Tokyo) are among the best in the world. As Japan is a country with a tradition of food culture and appreciation, the Michelin Awards are highly prized. The 2013 edition of the guide-book includes restaurants in Tokyo, as well as the nearby city of Yokohama, and the coastal Shonan area.

A separate book is published for Japan’s Kansai, or western region, which includes Osaka and the traditional capital of Kyoto. That guide was published last month, and while 12 restaurants earned three-star ratings, it was still three less than the year before. 242 Tokyo restaurants were given start this year, with a wide variety of food types, even including European, and some that offer the delicacy of fugu, the poison pufferfish that can be lethal if not prepared by a well-trained chef.