1. Technology and internet:

Technology and internet; what to say about the two most advanced things in our lives that never ever try to stop advancing either. We live in a world where everything can be done online from your computers or any other type of gadgets that you might own. It has become so easy that you don’t even have to get off of your sofa if you suddenly made up your mind to eat a pizza or watch some motivational lectures online. The best part about the internet being such a blessing is the fact that it’s so easy to get used to that, even your 5 year old daughter can now make the best use of her time by going online and watching a few good cartoons. In short, the internet has made such a drastic change in our lives for good that now we can’t even imagine going to the kitchen without having the luxury of going online and finding some good recipes to make food.

  1. Social networks and their impact:

The internet has spoiled some portion of our society too; with its increased usage of social networking and what not, the teenagers now find it their utmost responsibility to always keep their phones charged; not because they never want their parents’ calls to not reach them, but because even if they buy grilled cheese from the market, they need to tell the whole world about it. However daunting the above sentence may seem, the internet has, however shaped the students’ lives somewhat positively as well. With the advent of smartphones, students now have all the academic luxuries literally in their hands and it has become so easy for them to stream educational videos and what not online that they don’t even need tutors these days. Everyone knows that if they need something about their homework, all they got to do is go online and search; if they are lucky then thousands of students would have already solved questions similar to the ones given to them as homework and they will have a field day.

  1. Education through smart phones:

Education was never this simple and it is feared that one day the presence of schools and academic institutions might also just fade away because if everything can be achieved from the comfort of your bedroom, then why go the distance? Now a click on your smartphone can divulge to you the importance of the theory of relativity, and if you can take online educational courses then there’s no dying need of going to the schools every day and getting your back broken.



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