Selling your home can be a complicated process. There’s a lot that must be done and much of it can be quite technical. Then there is the fear that you may make big mistakes and be unable to sell the home for a decent price. There is even the worry you might do something illegal with the sale. All of it can be quite intimidating and even scary.

However, if you increase your knowledge of the home selling process, you have nothing to be scared of. There are also certain common mistakes made by people that sell their homes that you can be sure to avoid. Below are some things many people forget to do before selling their home that you can remember so you don’t repeat the same errors.

Forgetting to Market on Social Media

Today, an extremely large portion of people shop for homes with the use of social media. Facebook, in fact, recently launched a service with real estate listings in mind named Facebook Marketplace. Since Facebook has 1.4 billion people actively using the website, implementing Facebook’s service is probably one of the best bets you have for quickly attracting buyers.

Not Specifying What Is Not for Sale

A detail that homeowners sometimes forget is to specify exactly what in the house is included in the sale and what is not. Forgetting this important detail can lead to serious problems. The reason for that is because the law states that everything in a home that is either bolted to the wall or the ceiling is part of the sale unless specifically conveyed to the buyer. This can even include things like a flat screen TV mounted to the wall. If you want to keep your TV, you better let buyers know it’s not part of the sale.

Not Having the Home Professionally Cleaned

Homeowners tend to become a bit biased regarding the appearance of their homes. They may not be able to spot flaws that independent parties like buyers will be able to spot. Unfortunately, this can sometimes lose you a sale. Overall, it may be best to take steps like finding the best carpet cleaning company in town to make sure your carpets are spotless.

Forgetting to Depersonalize Your Home

An empty looking home is actually a great aesthetic choice for those wishing to place that house on the market. The reason why is it makes it easier for potential buyers to imagine placing their own possessions inside and putting their own stamp on the home. If your house, on the other hand, looks lived in, has pictures of your family members everywhere and is filled with all your stuff, you won’t be able to produce that desired effect.

Forgetting to Disclose All Issues with Your Home

Much like a car with serious problems, you can’t sell a house that is a lemon. Instead, you need to disclose all serious issues with your home to potential buyers even for things like water damage in your basement. While you shouldn’t advertise these issues to people, the buyer must still be informed of them before the sale is completed. If you don’t, you could end up on the receiving end of a lawsuit.

Ignoring Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is a huge factor in selling a home. A home with great curb appeal will sell faster and for more money. Simply washing your home’s exterior can increase its value by up to $15,000. Focus on your yard work and landscaping as well. A little extra work to make your yard look presentable can go a long way. There are also other curb appeal improvements you should consider.

Overall, selling a home isn’t always easy. If you make mistakes, it may take for what seems like forever for the home to move off the market. You could even be sued under certain circumstances. Make sure you don’t forget the items listed above before you put your home on the market. They can make a big difference.


by: Mikkie Mills