The dense forests of Cambodia’s Cardamom Mountains are home to countless strange and wonderful creatures. The latest to be discovered is a new species of wolf snake, so-called because of its powerful, backwards-facing fangs.

Named Lycodon zoosvictoriae, scientists believe the snake’s unusual colours have helped it remain hidden, despite a decade-long research effort to find new species in the area.

Most other species of wolf snake are a light shade of brown with white marks, while some have dark purple-tinted brown skin.
This latest species is light brown with darker brown markers.

‘The species will probably prove to be endemic to the Cardamom Mountains,’ said herpetologist Neang Thy, who both discovered and described the new species. Wolf snakes are nonvenomous, but have been known to defend themselves when trapped, and can cause severe damage to skin with their sharp fangs.

They feed mostly on lizards and sometimes frogs, digging their powerful fangs deep into the hard scales of their prey.
Females can be much larger than males, and they often breed before the monsoons laying on average four to 11 eggs. Three months from now, their eggs will hatch, and the hatchlings are between five and seven inches (14-19 cm) long… see more

source: Dailymail UK