We are brought in a such situation that we have to arrest those who defended Bosnia and Herzegovina, who have fought for its survival and sovereignty from the fascist occupiers of everything that is Bosnian. Bosnia and Herzegovina is on its  knees more than has ever been since authorities are arresting  those who defended it,  authorities in which the last word have those who were on the side of those who  martyred killed people. I say people, because  we are dealing with victims like that as if they were not our mothers and fathers, as if they were not our relatives and our friends! How much more?

Bosnian politicians declared as Muslims, are  drinking alcohol with those who were killing us and are organizing  iftar moments while our mothers from Kravica are being questioned by the police,  just because they had the intent to visit the genocide location at the time of the anniversary of the terrible crimes committed against Muslims. Bombs were thrown at the tomb of Alija Izetbegovic, the Muslim generals were brutally prosecuted by the Hague accusations until they were found to be innocent. As if would  Tomislav Nikolic be guilty now if all the Muslims raised their weapons and occupied Belgrade? Of course not.

We are playing the replacement of thesis and reversed logic, actually they all are playing with us while we are silent as if that doesn’t concern us. Who will raise against the conspiracy that seems to be against the Muslim population since the Ottoman Empire ruled in this region, who will raise against bringing Muslims from the time when our foremothers wore veil and our forefathers  had a beard to the present state of christianisation of Muslims in Bosnia and Herzegovina ? How much more?

We are arresting all people who are defending the Bosnian people, who are fighting for the interests of Bosnia and Herzegovina, who do not want a Chinese wall between the Federation and the Serbian Republic. Are we aware of what we are doing? Are we aware that we are sinking  deeper into the gap, plummet, that we are going into the abyss? Are we aware that no one will raise against the political arrests,  no one will stand up against the Unique Identification Number which will thicken the gap between the entities, no one will stand up against the population Census, even thou the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina who are divided by the Dayton agreement into three ethnicity, will be divided now into five and more ethnicity… How much more?

The most vulnerable in Bosnia and Herzegovina are the Muslims that the public label with  ”Wahhabi” just because they differ from others by having a beard.  They are unfamiliar even to native Muslims who got use to living as conformists- the so called Bosnian Muslims as West labels them, and the statistics shows that they are the at least fasting, worshiping, and at least are performing other Islamic religious duties in opposite to other Muslims in the world.

Contributing to that is the story of Abu Hamza, Emigrant from Syria who came to Bosnia and Herzegovina, to defend it in the time of war … and today is closed for 5 years in immigration detention camp without charges, only on the pretext that the government fears he could commit some crime.  It is no wonder, when the authorities/government in Bosnia and Herzegovina is now mostly made ​​up of members of the nation who attacked in the nineties Bosnia, and Bosnian Muslims are vulnerable to their impacts. How much longer will anyone who wants peace and progress for Bosnian and Herzegovina be labeled as Bali?

Situation in Bosnia is such that the media makes up stories about “Sharia police”, about   allegedly attacks of girls wearing short shorts by the Muslims with a beard,  looking for  response of  Islamic Community of cases that are fictitious and not reported to the police.  Contra-reaction was an attack in Zagreb of an older man, a non Muslim. He attacked a couple who were kissing in a train,  but the public  quickly forgotten that case. But, if that man was a Muslim  immediately there would be raised a question of terrorism against other people.

By Safer Grbić

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SaferGrbicPage?fref=ts