Rebekah Wolveire is a story-teller and  published writer, her book name is “The Whispering Path” which one can find on We find her online and she give us answers to our questions which we are sharing for our all readers.



Al-Rasub: Tell us some thing about your early life and schooling.
I have been writing stories since Elementary school. I was in a program call Young Authors from first to fifth grade. I think it was just the first step in my long journey to become a writer.

Al-rasub: What inspired you to write a book?
ReBekah Wolverire: Well, each of my novels are different. Anne Rice and my boyfriend Tom inspired me to create my vampire series which I am currently working on. The novel, The Whispering Path, which I finished in June, was inspired by a challenge to myself. I was into a lot of haunted shows and I wanted a new idea to do for NaNoWriMo 2010.

Al-Rasub: In what time of period you completed the book?
ReBekah Wolverire: Every book is different. I have read from other authors you need to have the first draft done in weeks, but that doesn’t work with my life. I write usually 1-4 hours per day depending on my inspiration, motivation, and what errands I need to get done. The Whispering Path took four months to finish draft one, but about 20 months to edit it three times. (I probably edit it once more as well.)

Al-Rasub:  Your book is for all kind of readers or you think its for target audience.
ReBekah Wolverire: My target audience is of the ages: 16 to 30, since the main character starts in high school and goes to college. It does have some adult themes within the subplot. I also think that it appeals to those who are into the paranormal and horror/thriller genre.
Genre: YA paranormal/thriller

Al-Rasub:  What is “The Whispering Path” about?
ReBekah Wolverire: It is about a young woman named Lucy who has the power to communicate with the living and dead. She is known as a ghost whisperer. In the story, she seeks for those who will accept her for who she is as she never felt she belonged when she was in high school.

Al-Rasub:  You think that the message that you wanted to convey through your book this book is successful in delivering that message. Writing is an art form and I feel no matter how many times you change it; there will always be a piece never done. I don’t want to tell the theme as I feel I do tell what it is within the book. I do feel that I get my message out within the pages.

Al-Rasub: The response of readers is according to your expectation:
ReBekah Wolverire: I really haven’t gotten the response yet. I have been having problem with the Kindle on amazon, but I finally got my e-book on smash words, and my book will be free in the month of August. I am looking for response for this book, more than money.
I will have all of my links on the bottom of this interview so you can view my book.
Al-Rasub: You not think that the modern technology like Internet and cell phones and other digital media completely replacing the books?
ReBekah Wolverire: No, I think they are pushing the self published books more, especially e-books. I can see in some futuristic movie where everything is on the computer and there is no need for the paperback book. However I don’t see that happening just yet. There is no feeling like holding a bound book that you just created in your hands.

Al-Rasub: What is your future plan regarding book writing.
ReBekah Wolverire: I have several projects want to finish within the 2012. I am currently working on my own vampire series and a murder thriller novel. I have many more projects that I have yet to start, so I see myself writing for a very long time.

Al-Rasub: What you do in free time: hobbies? like dislikes?
ReBekah Wolverire: Well, other than writing novels, I write poetry and blogs. I love to chat and get on facebook and experience project. I also cook, bake, watch movies and listen to music. I also enjoy reading out loud with my boyfriend. I draw, paint, and play Sims.
I’m not a fan of canned peas, and I don’t like liver. LOL
I’m always trying something new.

Al-Rasub: Your message for the readers:
ReBekah Wolverire  :I have three tips.
1. Always keep writing: whether it’s a blog, journal, poem, a few lines, or a full novel . . . just keep writing!
2. If you are working on certain genre, read in that genre. See where the professional come from. . . it will help you get your writing out there.
3. Do what works for you. . . for example: I write the first draft for me; it’s usually therapeutic, and then when I edit I change it for the audience, which is the second, third and even fourth drafts.





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