I sometimes wonder what would be the most pitiable thing on the face of this earth. I think that might be when you die and no one has good words in his memory to remember you. But above that, it is pity that you die; you die when you don’t want to. It is a compulsion on human kind that they have to leave their places. But death itself is not as such a pitiable thing. We plan our whole lives by thinking and pondering. We work hard for a better future; a future that is so uncertain and death is the ultimate destiny. AllamaIqbal, the poet of the East said,



It is a deep philosophy. He says that God has made “free-slaves”. He has given us the will power to do whatever we want and on the other hand put a limitation of death in this world. In the other world that He has promised, there is compulsion of staying alive. No one has to die there.

Death is the ultimate reality. Everything that is born is destined to die no matter how much it flourishes during the course of its lifetime.

Our lives are like water droplets on the surface of the oceans. Sunlight continuously falls and with its intensity, our life span decreases and in uncertain moment, we are no more the part of that ocean. There is an idiom, “Man proposes God disposes”, which is right to a great extent if we talk about real and practical lives. One of the companions of Holy Prophet (P.BU.H) said,

“Man is a strange creature; ruins his health to gain wealth and uses that wealth to regain health. Lives as if he’ll never die and dies as if was never alive.”

This life is too short for the luxuries and comforts. We all know we have to die and we all believe in the concept of recreation; there is another life after this temporary life which will be based on our doings in this life. It is therefore necessary to spend time in doing something good to the humanity so that our souls may rest in peace and people may memorize us in good ways. This will be the actual earning of our lives that will be worth enough.


By: Aimon Malghani