• Its 7:30 and like every morning my mother had woke me up to go to school ,and with usual way daringly advice she suggested me saabal oh saabal you have been duffer ,you’re not paying attention to your studies i am watching you everyday you are more involved in messing around pay attention to your studies otherwise i will tell your father not to give you your pocket money after this usual goodmorning of my mother ,i woke up took bath had my breakfast and got ready for school on my way to school i found my friend chako he is bit shabby fellow and today he seem to be little bizarre like me i thought if his mom had scolded and lectured him too ,which should be given to our teacher as he is always absent i greeted him and asked him why he was upset chakoo said “Yar saabal i have got worry of going to school even when there is no teacher” so i said to chakoo “Don’t worry chakoo teacher will come oneday” though i myself was very disturbed and irritated from going school and returning back with same boredom .

    After we had arrived school we met our other friends they were few in school ,they all seemed dull and uninterested we sat in class for one hour waiting for teacher but as usual he didn’t came and we put our bags in class rooms and went to school playground which was full of cattle food and shit and in school timing somebody took the cattle to graze in fields after school time they had puted the cattle within school but we played for two hours after coming back from our school chakoo asked me “Yar saabal imagine what will be school like ? if the teacher would have been there ??” after thinking for a while i told “If teacher would have been there may be we didn’t got bore at school and may be my mom hadn’t scolding me for being that duffer in my studies and may be our school playground hadn’t been home of cattle !”

    “Saboo why don’t teacher come at school ?is he ill? or do he not like us ? or is he lazy enough to wake up early in the morning ?” “i guess that he is lazy enough to wake up early at the morning” ,”didn’t he attended school at our age ? if he had then he must have been punctual to school like us ? or he must have been duffer in his school ? if he was that duffer in his school who had made him teacher saboo? who had given him job?” i got irritated from the questions of chakoo and told him to change the topic he was disappointed by my harsh reply chakoo gone his way and i reached home ,mom asked “how was your day at school what did you studied?” i replied with sort of anger in my posture “same like always” “what do you mean by same like always your teacher didn’t come today ?” “no amaa …..he didn’t came.” amaa fell silent for a moment anxiously she said to me “what will be your future saabal ?” i did not understood what amaa whats to say amaa repeated “what will be your future saabal” it hurted me to watch amaa like this “your teacher doesn’t attend the school ,and your father is not financially stable enough to bear the expenses of private institutions is things would go on like that you would be deprived of education oh my god” amaa took sigh “what had happened to people of sindh my grandfather used to tell me about people ,that how much they were sincere with their occupation and teaching was very noble profession and look now saabal that time was really good when teachers realized that they are considered noble due to their profession,it was the profession to benefit others but look today it has been the most casual way to benefit oneself without doing any effort”

    i asked amaa n”why don’t teachers come at school” amaa said “because nowadays teacher no longer honor their profession they honor luxury ,they honor money and most of all they are no longer interested in the welfare of common people”

    i asked amaa “what’s comparance between nonappearance of teacher and money ?” amaa said these days “teachers get their salary at there time even when they don’t attend the school what a misery that they don’t realize their duty towards you my kid and towards their mother sindh” dont they care for their mother as i care for you amaa ?” “Don’t know son” ama smirked your questions are too simple even then they are hard to answer .

    i thought what’s difficult in it its usual that every child loves his mother amaa said their mother is sindh they must be loving her respecting her or may be some children are ungrateful enough that they don’t love their mothers in return i guessed they must be bad kids to confirm myself i asked amaa “are they selfish sons of mothers ? amaa laughed and said saabal your questions are sensible you are thinking like responsible man amaa what are responsible man ?amaa told mature man are those who are loyal to their family to their study to their motherland

    “amaa you said my teacher doesn’t love his motherland so is he not a mature man” ? amaa became quiet as though she don’t wanted to answer my question

    after silence of while ama spoke to me and said “saabal when you will get young respect mother sindh as you respect me and be a proud son of mother sindh don’t honor money honor your mothers dignity”

    i didn’t understand wholy what amaa wants to say but the little i understand was “i shouldn’t be like my teacher ,teacher who don’t attend the school and make his mother embarrassed”

    i replied “amaa i will be the responsible teacher as i am a punctual student today i will honor mother sindh more then my comfort and money amaa smiled ,smile was of contentment she gave a kiss to my forehead and i told him i shall make mother sindh smile like you mother i shall make the mother smile like you!!”

    By:Saba Bapar