There’s two kind of people in this world                                                                                                  Everyone in this world wants to become Rich.

No one wants to stay poor always .

Few are just contented to what they have.

Some are really trying so hard, struggling just to have some money in their pocket.

Believe it or not but now a days specially those really poor people.

They’re lucky if they have to eat twice daily.

Everywhere you can see different kind of people.

But one of my Favorites 

Are those People that even though they’re so rich their foot still on the ground.

 They are the people who came from rags to richest.

 Now a days Rich they become richer.

Poor they become poorer.

Many complained about why this is happening.

Knowing that it is not fair..

But what is fair in this world …None.

 Instead of complaining you need to work more harder.

Instead of frowning and sulking start working.

Its not easy being rich.

And it is so hard being poor. 


There are many kind of rich people.

The genuine.

The kind one..

The trying hard one.

The middle one..

The bottom one.

And the one like a fly that step on the back of Carabao. 🙂

The genuine even though theyre so rich their foot still on the ground.

No matter how far they’ve been.

How wealthy they are they have the genuine attitude.

No hypocrisy.

The kind one always ready to help unconditionally.

The trying hard one acting like Primadona/

The middle one being contented for what they have.

The bottom one understand that they must work more harder.  

And the one like flies that step on the back of the carabao. 🙂

Thats the worst attitude in the entire society of Rich people.

They think they’re the best .

The smartest.

The perfect one.

They always look down to small poor people.

They just say words without thinking how the poor people feel.

They’re like a paranoid people .

They never trust other people.

Because they have no trust in their self.

They dont want to be the second .

They always want to be number one.

Eeen though they’re not in the right position.

Because of their big Ego they will never step down.

Those are the one who thinks when you owed them something.

They think they have all the right to say harsh hard words or  whatever they want to do with you.

Those what we called RICH HYPOCRITE .

I salute to those Rich people who never look down to any kind of people.

They’re those Professional with wealth,Good Manners and right conduct.

Not Trying hard nor copy cat. 

Poor people are those unfortunate one. Many of them that  when God spread Blessings maybe our roots are all sleeping or busy doing something.

Poor people needs to work more harder.

Have patience like Himalaya.

The tall the merrier .

Poor people that full of determination will surely become rich.

Despite with the poverty.

Their Positivisty is supersonic.

So determined to reach the Goal of becoming Rich.

With their ability and hidden talent..

They have the power to make their self with a tag                                                                                               “From Rags to Riches”

Many Poor People became rich because they believed that ..

If you want to be Rich .

DO more work more and Dream More.

Laziness is not welcome when you are poor.

You must be always energetic.

With enthusiasm.

 Everlasting Hope.

Unshakable faith.

And trust to God.

And to yourself.

Believing in yourself is the beginning or the stepping stone to become great.

Nothing can stop you If you Have full faith to your creator and to yourself.

  Being poor cannot stop you  in reaching your Goal .

Never let go and never stop believing that someday with your own power .

You can become what you want to be.Want you dream to be.

And what God wants you to be.Have faith in that .

It’s only a matter of time ability courage hope faith and Love.

 Good Luck!! 


By: Nelia Vista