It is the week before exams and everyone was busy searching books, preparing notes, assembling notes and  helping materials. There were discussions, combined studies and guidance from teachers. Then it is the night before the exam , you are alone in your room and your sixth sense is directing you that this question is important. When a little time is remaining you go through the most important questions. Sometimes you get to guess too. Sometimes the fellow next to you is very good at a part or lesson which is a little bit comprehensive for you. Sometimes there may bean unseen question but not unrelated. It was simply not included in your course outline. Sometimes you attempt an extra question as well but you are not satisfied. Exam finished and you are happy that it is over.

This is what happens in the case of an exam, but in real life we encounter the same exam everyday or throughout our life. It is not always that we are not aware of our problems and exams in real life. When we are going through the stages of life we meet people ; some are friends, some are just class fellows, some are teachers and all are always found at different stages. They are actually the helping material in your real life exams. You go through different stories of people in your life. Some stories of happiness, some of sorrow, some are sweet and some of bitter reality. These are the experiences and observations of people which guide you to pass your exams. You always know your capacity to solve and defeat your problems. You are always aware of your flaws and strength. The problem is that you don’t try to strengthen your weaknesses instead you rely on others and this is your actual problem.

Sometimes in life an unexpected problem comes but don’t allow it to overcome you, it is like an unexpected question in your exam which is related to you, this is the examination of your Strength. It depends on your observations that how you face this problem because sometimes we learn better from observation than a personal experience. Sometimes people get what they want but they are still restless and in search of the best. In exams you are not given a paper of an other subject or class. Same is the case with your life; your problems are not bigger than your capacity to resolve them.

At last problems flew from your life and now you are happy. The only thing you remember about them is that they were exams and now they are over.  Now you have your own experience book and you can guide others. With every exam it is getting as  heavy as your room full of notes. Your lessons and feelings depend upon how beautifully you encountered your problems and exams. Exams and problems are the same but your reaction towards both of them decides your destiny. Don’t fear about grades in exams and how appreciated you are  in life because your abilities and strengths need none of them.


By:  Aisha Mushtaq