She was reading her diary which was written many years back. A lot of things were recorded. While going through pages she was visiting her past and she went many years back. She was happy to read about all the joyous moments of life. There were names of people and her comments and feelings about them. It was full of emotions and feelings.

Reading her emotions when her mother appreciated her when she got her result made her excited. It was awesome when her uncle gave her a surprise birthday gift, she was full of bliss when her grandmother knitted a sweater for her, and she was overwhelmed by happiness when her father came back after two years. It was amazing when her brother got a permanent job, It was splendid when her sister got admission in medical college that she was feeling depressed and even worse when her grandmother died. She was feeling hurt when her best friend moved to another country, she was feeling wonderful when she got a job, she was feeling wonderful when she cooked for the first time, she was the luckiest girl when she got married to the  man of her dreams, she was sad when she had to leave her parents, she was feeling uncomfortable when she started living in a new place, she felt blessed with her children.

Yes! She is a girl with full of emotions and feelings. She is a caring daughter, a sensitive friend, a lovely sister, a loyal companion, a competitive worker and a devoted mother. Flexibility, understanding, strength, compromise, love, friendship and sacrifice make her a daughter, sister, friend, worker, wife and mother. She is beautiful and perfect in her every role. She is the best artist who performed every role nicely. Love her if she is a daughter, care about her if she is a friend, understand her if she is a wife, respect her if she is a colleague and obey her if she is a mother.


By: Aisha Mushtaq