This weekend’s much-hyped “Fight of the Century” will translate into the payday of the century for the two boxing greats duking it out in the ring.

Between pay-per-view revenues, ticket sales, television broadcast rights and other cash streams, hundreds of millions of dollars will change hands over the fight, which has been called the most lucrative boxing match ever. All told, Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao are expected to split a pot of around $300 million.

After checks are cut to the promotion companies, the TV networks and other parties involved, the two boxers will divvy up the profits along a 60-40 line in Mayweather’s favor, per the contract they signed for the fight, according to ESPN.

That means that if the numbers meet expectations, Mayweather will clear around $180 million and Pacquiao $120 million — all to punch each other in the face for about an hour.

For perspective, the average yearly payroll of an entire major league baseball team is estimated to be a little more than $100 million.

The fight, which is being held at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, will pit the two best pound-for-pound boxers of a generation against each other for the first time, a match-up for which boxing fans have been clamoring for years. All of the hype has ratcheted up expectations and, by extension, loosened fans’ purse strings.

The bout is set to shatter an array of all-time records for most money made from a single boxing match. Here’s a breakdown of the record-breaking sums of money changing hands over the historic fight, by the numbers:.. see more

source: mashable