If the past is any indication, we’re still about about four months away from Apple trotting out the next iPhone. But each passing week seems to bring a new rumor.

The latest is that the iPhone 7 — or whatever Apple chooses to call its 2016 model — will have the same basic chassis as the iPhone 6/6S and feature more modest upgrades such as a dual-lens camera in the larger 7 Plus and other performance bumps. A new totally redesigned iPhone won’t come till 2017 — and that new 10th-anniversary-edition model will include an edge-to-edge display and do away with the physical home button. The headphone jack may also disappear.

A lot of pundits, including our own John Falcone, are saying Apple’s got a bit of a problem if this year’s upcoming new iPhone doesn’t seem all that new. With sales of iPhones already tapering off, Apple could use something that’s the new new thing, not just a better version of an old thing.

Part of the problem is that the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus are pretty damn good phones. I liked the 5S, too, and now we have the iPhone SE, a better version of that same small 4-inch phone. The question is what new features will entice more people to upgrade their perfectly good phones, which, thanks to lack of subsidies from carriers, now cost a lot of money to replace?.. see more

source: CNET.com