If you run a business, then employees are the lifeblood of the company. They are the ones who do the sales, marketing, accounting, and much more. Without happy employees, motivation will be low which will negatively affect your business in many ways. So in order to keep your employees happy, it is vital that you have employee satisfaction evaluations. Understanding how your employees are feeling and what they are going through can benefit your company in a number of ways. Here are different strategies that you can implement and how they can benefit your employees and business as a whole:

Team Work

Employees that value teamwork and work well with their peers will give more to the business. They will feel happier and want to give more after hours without asking for bonuses. That is why it is vital to understand how they feel about the others they work with. If you identify an area for improvement on your team values, then implement it immediately to ensure you don’t scare away potentially great recruits.


The best companies in the world find ways to let their workers create new ideas and bring them to the marketplace. However, this is not possible if your employees feel they don’t have the freedom to do this. If you want to have your finger on the pulse of how your workers feel about their creative expression, an employee satisfaction evaluation is a great way to do it.

Company Improvement

Your company needs to constantly be evolving to changes in the marketplace if it is going to be competitive. However, without feedback from your employees, you might not find these opportunities. After all, your employees are on the frontlines each day. They interact with your customers, attend industry events, and read up on your space. Let them make your innovation stronger with recommendations that come from a place of experience.


Some employees, and even managers, may be having a negative effect on those around them. This can be impossible to tell if you don’t have regular evaluations. The last thing you want is for one person to be dragging others down. This can have a spiral effect. So offer questions about coworkers and accountability on your surveys to employees. It offers them a private way to express their concerns. This is vital because they are more likely to give you the truth in person if they know it will go directly to upper management and not their immediate manager who might seek revenge of some sort.

Utilizing Different Feedback Mechanisms

Traditional feedback involves just asking the superior of an employee to evaluate their performance. However, people are inherently biased, even if they don’t intend to be. This can create issues in the evaluation process. There are certain methods that have been shown to offer better results and more focused on the future.

For instance, 360 feedback is targeted to giving feedback in a more holistic view. Instead of just the managers evaluating the employees, it involves different sources. This includes the employee, the manager, peers, and other sources if possible.

This allows companies to focus on areas for potential improvement. It also lets them focus on unbiased reviews. This ensures a better plan going forward.

In today’s world, talent can work for anyone and anywhere. They can use their laptop to chat with the competition. If you want to avoid your workforce going somewhere else, then you need to make sure that you don’t have a culture that turns away quality talent. Use the employee satisfaction evaluations above to help you get a better view of how you can improve your company. That way, you’re always looking forward and finding ways to attract and keep the top talent for domination in your industry.


by: Mark Palmer