These foods may be the most delicious and mouthwatering things you have ever tasted. They look heavenly and their aroma makes you salivate. Sorry to disappoint though, they are the world’s unhealthiest junk foods.

Most of them are fast foods bought in shops. It is always recommended to keep it green and always visit the grocery. Most of them are linked to diseases such as diabetes, heart diseases, cancer, and stroke.

Be warned of the 6 unhealthiest foods and try to avoid them as much as you can.

French fries and Potato Chips

One of the world’s most popular foods is not as healthy as it is famous. French fries contain calories that if taken in large quantities they would lead to weight gain and obesity.

Potato chips also contain:

  • carcinogenic substances
  • acrylamides substances
  • neurotoxic substances

The carcinogen is formed when the potatoes are fried. These toxic substances are linked to cancer and would lead to permanent neurological damage. It is recommended to take boiled potatoes instead.

Sugar drinks

Sugary beverages are preferred by many to water as a thirst quencher. Unknown to many, these beverages contain lots of sugar and calories that lead to weight gain. Sodas, for example, contain sugar, artificial colors and artificial sweeteners that lack nutrients.

These drinks are linked to obesity, diabetes and heart diseases. In place of these sweet drinks, it is advised to take milk, water, and coffee.

Cookies and Cakes

Cookies and cakes are adored by many. However, these candies and queen cakes are one of the worst foods to take. These food are made with sugar and trans fats. Trans fats are linked to health conditions such as cardiovascular diseases, breast cancer and reducing the period of pregnancy.

The additives and preservatives contained in cookies and cakes lack nutrients and are cancer causative agents. For cookies lovers, dark chocolates are good alternatives as they contain little sugar hence reduced effects on human health.

Processed meat

Processed meat includes foods such as sausages and bacon, unlike unprocessed meat, processed meat lacks nutrients. Statistics indicate that people taking this food are prone to health diseases such as colon cancer, diabetes, and pancreatic cancer. Making them even more unhealthy, some of them are poorly prepared. The element responsible for the above health conditions is sodium nitrite that’s a cancer causative agent.

It is recommended to go for unprocessed meat as not is it delicious but also guarantees a healthy living.

Ice cream

The temperatures outside are scorching and you think a corn ice cream would do you good. Well, think again. Ice cream might be arguably the most delicious foods of foods but sure it is not the healthiest.

Ice-creams contains high calories and lots of sugars that would not only lead to cancer but also make one overweight. When taken regularly ice-cream would lead to heart problems.

One is advised to reduce the frequent use of ice cream if they can’t be avoided at all.


Saved for the last, pizza is one of the most widely consumed foods. It might be the most popular food but it is not as healthy as it is popular Commercially prepared pizza has adverse human health effects.They are prepared with unhealthy ingredients, wheat used to prepare them is highly refined and contains high amounts of calories and sugar. Nevertheless, you love pizza and leaving it is the last thing on your mind, don’t worry opt for homemade pizzas.

These are healthy and nutritious

With the increasing trends in diet, one may not be knowledgeable about the healthy diets to take. It is not as hard as it has been to access to super foods like chlorella. Chlorella benefits are not found in the processed foods mentioned above.Ensure you follow this rule of thumb – avoid fast foods. Health-related diseases are also on the rise, however, this is something that can be avoided.

Finally, remember it is easy to gain weight than it loses it. Avoid the above mentioned and healthy living is guaranteed.


by: Vincent Stokes