Annual salary or monthly income has become a measure of a person’s success. And while many jobs do pay a generous rate, there are some professions that stand out. If you’re just curious to see where the top earners are or is planning to switch careers to a more lucrative one, here are the top five highest paid jobs of this year:

Software Engineer

If you enjoy solving puzzles and finding creative ways to approach a problem, working as a software engineer will give you the challenge you’re looking for. Software engineers write, maintain, and debug code. And while “writing code” sounds arbitrary, it simply means using a syntax that the computers can interpret and convert into binary. As a software engineer, your annual salary will vary depending on several key factors including your work experience and technology stack, which simply means what technologies, frameworks, or libraries you are skilled in. The median salary for software engineers is $102,300 per year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.


While most people grow up hating or dreading their trips to the dentist, those who decide to pursue it as a career will actually be pleased to know that they can bank up to $160,000 per year. Although it involves a lot of time and effort to pursue a doctoral or professional degree in dentistry, the salary and job outlook are enough reasons to go for a career as a dentist. You’ll be diagnosing and treating oral diseases. Dentists also offer advice regarding better oral care habits and dietary choices that can affect the mouth. Most dentists set up their own clinic and hire a small staff to help manage day-to-day operations while others start a practice with other dentists. Others work as an emergency dentist Calgary professional, which basically means they are on-call and have a more flexible schedule.


Students with a strong aptitude in science subjects, like general chemistry, biology, or anatomy and physiology, can find a lucrative career working as an anesthesiologist. Working as an anesthesiologist entails reviewing patient medical histories that could create any complications during surgery, administering anesthetics, and monitoring vital signs including pulse and blood pressure. The median salary for anesthesiologists is around $380,000 per year, according to the National Institutes of Health. Interestingly, anesthesiologists who freelanced took home more money than those who were employed by a hospital.

IT Manager

Another tech-related professional who has managed to climb on the list is the IT manager. An information technology manager is tasked in integrating and maintaining a company’s tech infrastructure including the computers that employees use and the network that these computers are connected to. Companies depend on a centralized data processing system to establish reliable data management and communication. The salary for an IT manager depends on work experience and the nature of work they are employed in. Those who work as an engineering project manager can make up to $107,000 per year while those who manage their own office can make as much as $135,000.

Financial Adviser

Everyone needs help with managing their money. People weren’t innately born with the skill set to manage resources efficiently. Fortunately, financial advisers dedicate their whole lives to assisting everyone else on how to achieve the financial freedom and stability they seek. As a financial adviser, you offer investment and insurance advice to clients that will impact their ability to pay off a mortgage or save enough money for their children’s future. And while the median salary of a financial adviser, which is a few thousand dollars shy of a six figure salary, is dwarfed by the other contenders in the list, the demand for this occupation and the ability to freelance make it an attractive career.

Final Thoughts

While salary is indeed an important factor when deciding careers, you should also try to balance it with your main strengths and life interests. The more satisfied and happier you are with your job, the more money you’ll make over time.

by: Mikkie Mills