During this period when business competition is at peak, different organizations need to develop and implement strategies that will keep their firms relevant and competitive enough to attract customers. For an agency dealing with marketing, public relations, and advertising, remaining relevant is a hard asking given the increased methods of creating business awareness. As such, such agencies are developing robust method such as training their accounts executives because they are at the core of their businesses. However, you may not understand what training an account executive entails which means you are disabled to offer any sound training to your staff. The following are some of the strategies you should use to train your account executives.

  • Assign them a Mentor

Mentoring is one of the best methods of transferring skills and knowledge to new and fresh graduates entering the job market. As the agency owner or manager, you understand that it will be difficult for you to train and mentor your new accounts executive because your attention is required in various departments within the agency such that you may not concentrate. It is suitable to assign them a senior account executive who has been in the agency for an extended period as he understands what it entails to work as an account executive in the same entity. However, it is essential that you pass some insight on what you would like the new accounts executives to learn most so that they can be relevant to your organization.

  • Send them to Accounts Executive Training

Although some universities are currently offering accounts executive training degrees, it is evident that majority of your accounts executives don’t have background training in advertising and marketing areas. You will need to take a bold decision of taking them to one of the reputable accounts executive training agency where they will learn essential skills in the field of public relations and creating a good relationship between the organization and customers. Corporate sales training has been known for its eye-opening courses through networking and intensive training. It might be an expensive option by you will be guaranteed of results later if you invest wisely in your new team.

  • Reward Positive Behavior

As the agency manager, you can keep monitoring your new accounts executives so that you can understand their skills, knowledge, and personality. On your daily routine, you might discover a recruit who is asking hard questions and who is always focused on his best for the growth of the organization. Moreover, some of the new accounts executives might be offering fresh ideas to your old system, and things look to be getting more efficient and taking less time to accomplish. You will be required to reward this behavior through tokens of appreciation which can either be monetary awards or physical gifts. Even sending them a text and applauding their efforts will work. By doing this, you will be motivating and encouraging others accounts executives to ask more questions about issues at hand, which will be beneficial to the entity.

  • Expose them to Business Activities

There is no better method to learn the activities of the business other than throwing your new accounts executives at the deep end of the daily business routines. Assigning them duties to learn will offer them on the job-training skills which are quite essential in the long-term. However, you will need to inform them that modern business organizations are not hiring marketing agencies to formulate cute advertising messages and virtual images or even updating Facebook pages. Organizations want a public relations agency to help them achieve their goals. By doing this, you will be offering your accounts executives with what is needed in the market rather than what they think is best for the market.

As a marketing agency manager, you already understand how it is difficult to get reliable and excellent account executives. You also know how it is expensive to compensate for an already trained and experienced account executive. The best method is to educate and mold recruits to be the person you want. It might be expensive and, but it will prove to be a stroke of genius with time.


by: Dennis Hung