Staring ahead with dark eyes and its mouth open wide, a haunting face lets out a silent scream – from a piece of debris from the Twin Tower attacks.

Meet the Angel of 9/11, entombed within a twisted, corroded steel girder taken from the exact spotwhere the first airliner struck the North Tower at 8.46am on September 11 2001.

The chilling apparition was spotted as construction workers put the finishing touches to New York’s $715million (£437million) National September 11 Memorial and Museum, built to remember the 2,977 victims.

The 30-foot girder forms the centerpiece of the state-of-the-art memorial, which is near One World Trade Center but not yet open to the public.

The mangled piece of metal, called Impact Steel, is bent violently backwards where the nose of American Airlines Flight 11 crashed into it.

Seventeen minutes later, a second hijacked plane was flown into the South tower.

Now many construction workers are too scared to approach the monument after the face appeared last week.

‘It sent people around the site running wild,’ one told The Sun newspaper. ‘No one is allowed near the structure, the lighting has not been altered – it just happened by itself. We’ve never seen anything like it.’

An unnamed visitor added: ‘You can see the face clear as day, as if it’s looking down at a sacred spot. The workers call it the Angel of 9/11.’

The museum, which also houses a crushed fire engine and the Survivors’ Staircase, is due to open in spring next year.

source: dailymail UK