I know a cricket ball from outside,

but what makes it bounce, I don’t know.


I know a quartz clock from its label,

but how it doesn’t tick but still shows time, I don’t know.


I’ve seen a computer chip and know how it looks,

but how it sends my e-mail, I don’t know.


I know Obama, I’ve seen his face everywhere,

but why he, and why he won, I don’t know.


I know Osama has been the epitome of terror,

but what made him a terrorist, I don’t know.


An angry man I know, has no control on himself,

but what, and why it makes him angry, I don’t know.


A hungry man, yes I know, he had no food for long,

but how he lives without food, I don’t know.


I know deprived men, and depraved politicians,

but how they still exist together, I don’t know.


We observe International Women’s day every year,

why atrocities against women continue unabated, I don’t know.


History of successful revolutions against despots, I know,

why none against those who commit ‘atrocities on women’, I don’t know.


I know it’s the time that decides everything

But when will it be ‘that’ time, I don’t know…


By: Ken Featherlite