The army says several key red-shirt activists have agreed to talks with the National Council for Peace and Order, boosting the junta’s three-stage plan for reconciliation.

Lt Gen Kampanart Ruddith, an assistant army chief-of-staff and chief of the NCPO’s newly-established Reconciliation Centre for Reforms (RCR), said the junta has approached core red shirts and secured their cooperation in the first stage of the plan.

“All the red-shirt leaders I talked to before they were released agreed to join us in the reconciliation process,” he said.

After the coup on May 22, the NCPO summoned a large number of red-shirt leaders and core members of the United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship (UDD) and detained them for several days under martial law.

Under the junta’s edits, those freed from detention are forbidden from engaging in anti-coup activities. Criticism of the junta is also banned by law.

Lt Gen Kampanart helped assistant army chief Paiboon Khumchaiya talk to detained political activists, especially anti-coup leaders, to secure their cooperation. The detainees were asked to cease political activities and work with the NCPO in restoring unity.

According to Lt Gen Kampanart, the RCR has outlined three phases in its three-month operation from June to August. The first phase is designed to create a climate favourable to reconciliation talks… see more

source: Thebangkokpost