Terrorism is the most hideous, abominable, and hateful activity ever committed by the human beings. Its aim is to horrify the people by the acts of creating horror, fear and terror and even damaging properties and hurting and killing innocent people. Unfortunately in recent times a fearful wave of terrorism has run through the whole world, particularly Pakistan, India, America and Afghanistan are its targets. Thousands of men, women and children have been killed by the terrorists in different countries and still this satanic activity is going on. In our dear country the greatest loss has been done by the terrorists. It seems that the terrorists are bent upon finishing this Islamic country. Bomb blasts, suicide attacks and firing by the terrorist is an everyday matter. Though the morale of the Pakistanis is very high and the government of Pakistan is taking different measures to stop it, yet there is a lot feeling of lack of safety and dissatisfaction among the people

If we probe deep into the matter there are different causes of terrorism. Firstly some injustice, inequality or favoritism by some government or ruling party. The annoyed try to get their rights through this unlawful device, Such movements often achieve the favors of the masses though the weapon of terrorism is not fair according to any code of conduct, Secondly some political powers when fail to get the upper hand by fair means pick up this unfair and immoral weapon and try to create panic and disaster in their desired areas, They also have the support of some of their staunch supporters. Thirdly the religious extremists are often unable to bear any opinion opposite to theirs, Hence there is no legal way to block the way of their opponents so they take this extreme steps  and cause a great loss to humanity.

In short terrorism is a curse of this age which would at last come to an end but its horrible memories will haunt for ever on the pages of history. It will be better for us to get rid of it as soon as possible.


By: Ammara Siddique