After walking 40 miles in the summer sun, Hunter and Braden Gandee completed their remarkable trek today to raise awareness about cerebral palsy. During the entire walk Hunter Gandee carried his little brother Braden, to give a face to the disease.

Braden, 7, is unable to walk without assistance due to the disease. Hunter Gandee, 14, hatched the plan for the walk as a way to draw attention to the disease. For months the high school student trained with weights to prepare his body for carrying his little brother that many miles.

The pair arrived at their scheduled destination, University of Michigan, this afternoon.

Dubbed the “Cerebral Palsy Swagger,” the march was designed by Hunter Gandee and his family to get the attention of the next generation of researchers, scientists, and doctors to show them “the face” of cerebral palsy. They hope to inspire experts to develop new medical procedures and mobility devices for those with cerebral palsy.

The first leg of the trip the brothers covered a grueling 25 miles, with Hunter carrying Braden Gandee the whole way… see more

source: abcnews