Venice Beach: Here’s a fun activity for the summer — place an iPhone on your forehead with a phrase that your friend then must act out.

The app is called Heads Up and “it’s the funnest game,” says Stephie Jabarian, who lives near Los Angeles.

“It’s like charades,” adds her friend Shea McCracken. “But it’s not.”

Heads Up was created by producers of Ellen DeGeneres’ Ellen talk show. She introduced it in May, and has since played it with guests like Owen Wilson and Martin Short.

Released in May, Heads Up, which sells for 99 cents at the Apple iTunes App Store (no Android version yet) is currently the fourth-best-selling paid app on Apple’s chart.

How to play: Put the iPhone or iPad on your forehead to show the player the clue. They have 60 seconds to act it out without uttering the phrase. (Example: Cheetah = Animal with spots.) If successful, tilt the device to move onto the next clue.

The app comes with 18 categories to choose from (including animals, movies, pop stars) and you can buy additional categories for 99 cents a piece

 When the player is holding the device on his or her forehead, the front-facing camera captures footage of the opponent guessing the answer. Those videos are then encouraged to be posted directly from the app onto YouTube and theHeads UpFacebook page, which currently has nearly 30,000 likes.

An Android version of Heads Up is expected to be introduced in September.

(USA Today)