AMMAN — The government on Sunday said it was committed to international agreements with regards to the Syrian MiG-21 jet fighter that landed in the Kingdom in June.

Minister of State for Media Affairs and Communications Samih Maaytah told reporters that the aircraft is still in Jordan and the government had not received any request from the Syrian government.

“This is military business and the Jordan Armed Forces (JAF) is handling the plane issue,” Maaytah said.

A military source told The Jordan Times on Sunday that the JAF had turned down a request by the Syrian air force to send Syrian pilots to Jordan to fly the MiG back to Syria for security reasons.

The source, who did not wish to be named, added that JAF insists on disassembling the fighter and returning it to Syria by land.

The Syrian aircraft landed at an airbase in Mafraq in June and its pilot was granted political asylum.

According to military sources, the plane was escorted by Royal Jordanian Air Force fighters soon after it entered Jordanian airspace and was guided to the airbase where it landed safely.

At the time, Syrian state television named the pilot as Colonel Hassan Hamada, saying communications were lost with his plane while he was on a training mission near the border with Jordan.